Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola


Academic Results

Good Results of the college are the basis of its strong foundation. As a consequence a large number of students get attracted to this college for admission.
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  1. In order to qualify for the Board/University examinations, concessions and scholarships students must attend at least 75% of the lectures (including practicals) delivered in each subject, satisfy the college authorities regarding their general progress, and measure up to the minimum standard of physical efficiency prescribed.
  2. Students enrolled in NCC and NSS shall have to put in the minimum attendance or working hours prescribed by these bodies.
  3. Students who fall short of the required attendance also do not qualify for the EBC concession/scholarship. Such students will have to pay full fees, as students disqualified or removed from the EBC Scholarship list are not entitled to free ship.
  4. Leave of absence will be given to students at their own risk. Even a medical certificate may not condone deficiency in the percentage of attendance.
  5. A monthly attendance record will be displayed regularly for the information of students, so that they may make good the shortfall of attendance

Note! Strict disciplinary action, leading to detention from appearing in examination shall be taken.
No relaxation will be given to students who fall short of attendance in classes.

Academic Extension Activities/Projects

The college offers the following extension services and projects for the benefit of students, staff and others

Entrance Examination Preparation

For students of Junior college who wish to join medical science courses & Engineering courses of Govt. of Maharashtra, the college runs an entrance examination preparation project for students, with test series, guest lectures, computerized interactive multimedia CD for training students.

YCMOU, Nashik Courses

The College has a Study Centre of the Yeshwantrao Chauhan Maharashtra Open University courses.

Geological Exploration & Consultancy Service

The Geology department of the college has been providing geological exploration (Ground Water Survey) consultancy to the society at large. This also provides an opportunity of field work to geology students.

Feedback mechanism

The college believes that there is always scope for improvement. It therefore seeks significant parent and student involvement through a feed-back mechanism. Students' & parents' co-operation in this regard is essential.

Language Workshop

In order to develop communication skill/spoken English, a language workshop laboratory has been set up in the college.