Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola

Activities In Campus Event

College Day Celebration

The College Day celebrations will be held in the first term. The dates and schedule will be notified in due course of time.

Excursion and Tours

No excursions or tours should be arranged by the students without prior permission of the Principal. The excursion/tour may be arranged strictly either on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or during vacations only. In no case will any excursion/tour be allowed from the month of December onwards. The excursion/tour should be sanctioned through concerned departments & committee. A lady teacher is necessary if girls are accompanying. A contributory teacher is not allowed as an in-charge/escort.

Principal's address

The Principal's address is arranged in the month of August. All students should attend it compulsorily as per the schedule declared.

About Up Coming Events ...

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Extra Curriculum Activities

Cultural activities and Youth Festival

The college provides ample opportunities to talented students to participate in various cultural activities throughout the year and to participate in the University Youth festival. The college has produced color holders in the Youth festival events.

Garden Club

The Garden Club encourages participation of all the students and staff members of the college in the activities of the club. The club aims at developing awareness and aesthetic sense among the students towards nature and the environment. The other activities of the club are to provide training and landscaping, participation in flower shows and sale of seedlings at moderate prices. The club has developed a flower shows and sale of seedlings at moderate prices. The club has developed a beautiful garden & lawn under the campus beautification project.

National Service Scheme

The college has a NSS unit - NSS motivates students to work for wlfare of the society, NSS endeavours to inculcate self - discipline and a sense of service to humanity among the students.

National Cadet Corps

The college has NCC units for boys & girls.

  • Boys & Girls Intake 106 cadets
  • They are given certificates of "B" & "C" examination.
  • The cadets are also sent to attend adventure and other camps.
  • For Details Conatct : Dr. S. Y. Tarale..

Extension Activities

Various Extension activities are conducted in the College.

  1. Workshop on Health Education.
  2. Legal Councelling for girls.
  3. Blood Group Testing Camps.
  4. Blood Donation Camps.
  5. Blood Donars' List is prepared to donate Blood in emergency. This facility is avaiblable since last 10 Yrs.
  6. Adult Education, Congress Grass removal, conservation of plants, etc. programmes are carried out regularly.
  7. Eyesignt checking, General Halth Check-up and Medical Checkup of women and children is consistantly carried out for the benifit of the Society.

Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is placed in every department. The students should use this for giving positive suggestions and avoid personalised comments/remarks.