Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola

College Societies - Associations - Activity Groups

The college has various subject related associations/ societies and few common associations, clubs and extension units. Each student is member of his subject association/ society. Apart from these, students are appealed to join other clubs, cells, societies of his/ her choice for all round personality development.

Sr. No. Associations/ Societies/ Clubs/ Extension Units Incharge Teachers
1 NCC Dr. Ananda Kale
2 NSS Dr. G. M. Khekade
3 Students Council Dr. S. G. Shende
4 Nature Club Dr. P. P. Ade
5 Career Guidance and Placement Mr. N. S. Mohod
6 Sports and Gymnasium Mr. S. K. Kale
7 Botanical Association Dr. D. K. Koche
8 Zoological Society Dr. P. P. Ade
9 Microbiological Society Dr. S. N. Zodape
10 Biochemical Society Mr. R. L. Dabhade
11 Marathi Literature Association Dr. S. W. Kharche
12 Hindi Literary Association Mr. Sunil Mawaskar
13 English Literary Association Dr. V. H. Hiware
14 Commerce Forum Dr. A. M. Raut
15 Economics Society Mr. D.P. Kale
16 Geology Association Mr. P. M. Giri
17 Physics Society Dr. M. R. Belkhedkar
18 Computer Science Society Ms. Anita Dubey
19 Debate Elocution and Quiz Dr. S. S. Pohare
20 Shivadarshan- College Magazine Dr. V. V. Paikine
21 College Alumni Association Dr. A. M. Raut