Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola

College Societies - Associations - Activity Groups

College Socieities are established to promote co-curricular activities and competencies. It is necessary for every student to be a member of at least one society of his/her choice, to ensure all round growth and developement of the personality. Students are advices to contact concerned lecturer-in-charge for the membership.

Sr.No. Societies/Associations/Activity Groups Lecturer-In-Charge
01. Students Welfare Committee. Mr. R.W. Dhale.
02. Marathi Literacy Association. Dr. Mrs. S. W Kharche.
03. Cultural Activities Mr. V. V. Paikine.
04. Debates, Elocution and Quiz Society Mr. S.S. Pohare, Dr. S. T. Khaddkar
05. Nature Club Mr. D. G. Bhadange, Dr. I. A. Raja.
06. N.S.S. Mr. N. T. Wankahde, Mr. V. H. Hiware.
07. N.C.C. Mr. S. Y. Tarale.
08. Science Association Mr. S. V. Salodkar.
09. Career Guidence and Placement. Mr. S. G. Shende
10. Home Science Association. Dr. Rekha Lande.
11. Shivadarshan-College Magzine. Mr. S. N. Raut.
12. Research Co-ordination Committee. Dr. Z. Khan
13. Extension Activities. Dr. Mrs. C. S. Ukesh, Dr. A. B. Kale.
14. Publicity & Public Relation Committee. Mr. M. V. Khadse, Mr. V. H. Hiware.
15. Sports Club. Mrs. H. S. Raut.
16. English Literacy Association. Mr. S. N. Chinchole.
17. Hindi Literacy Association. Mrs. V. S. Shah.
18. Shivashakti Gymnasium Mr. S. S. Deshmukh.