Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola

Department of Bio-Chemistry

Department of Biochemistry is one of the most reproductive department of the college which has a reputation to give university toppers each year in the Masters Level. The Department is also highly envolved in the research areas such as Diabetes prevalence and Helicoverpa armigera DNA fingerprinting, in addition to that ERIC based DNA profiling of the Clinical isolates of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureaus is also one of the major project going on in the department. The Department is also focussing on the enzymatic studies of the cytochrome oxidase and rteductases, the bioinformatics laboratory is also established taking in to consideration with high demand of the new technologies in the global market with modern facilities such as broad band internet connection, Laptops, PCs and Servers. Commercially available softwares for bioinformatical analysis has also been utilized for the benifits of the students.

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