Shri Shivaji College Of Arts, Commerce & Science, Akola


College Examinations

  1. All students will have to compulsorily appear for the following examinations. Unit tests, as per schedule notified by examination committee.
  2. Annual preliminary exams in the second week of February.
  3. Students remaining absent from the above exams without sufficient reasons/permission shall be fined suitably, apart from any other disciplinary action. A score of less than 20% marks in each of the examinations will be treated as absence and shall be penalized accordingly, whereas students with persistently good performance in all the unit tests & annual preliminary examination will be given incentive.
Special Incentive Marks Scheme - (Maximum 10 marks to be awarded)

Sant GadgeBaba Amravati University has passed an Ordinance (No. 1/85) amended by ordinance no 7/1987, 8/1990, 2/2001 to award incentive marks to examinees, with the purpose of encouraging them to participate in the extra-curricula activities listed below.

The incentive marks are awarded up to maximum of 5% of the total marks of all papers taken together

Out of the incentive marks earned by the student, some or all of the marks may be added to the marks scored in any one subject to help the examinee reach up to the minimum passing marks, if so required. If they are not so required, the marks will be added to the total marks scored in all the subjects taken together.

Sr.No Incentives Marks
01. N.C.C.
1. Participation for entire year
2. 'B' Cert
3. C' Cert
4. Participation in Republic Day parade
5 marks
2 marks
2 marks
3 marks
02. N.S.S.
1. Participation for entire year (120 hours)
2. Participation for entire year (including one camp)
3. Participation for entire year (including two camps)
5 marks
6 marks
7 marks
03. Games & Sports.
1. Participation in university recognized Inter-college tournaments or events
2. Participation in Inter - University contests
3 marks each
5 marks each
04. Cultural Activities
1. Participation in University recognized Inter-college Debates/Elocution/Drama/Songs/Other contests
2. Participation in Inter - University contests
3 marks each
4 marks each
05. Blood Donations.
1. Each time 2 marks (up to a max. of 5)
06. Participation in Government sponsored
1. Statistics Collection Drives 5 marks Essential
07. Home Guards
1. Participation for entire year 2. Participation for entire year (including one camp) 3 marks 5 marks
08. Participation of Non N.S.S. Student in MASS
1. Program for functional literacy (MPFL) by way of making at least one person functionally literate. 3 marks
09. Paper published by students
1. For award winning national level
2. For award winning state level
5 marks
3 marks

Entrance Examination Preparation.

PMT-PET / Entrance Tests for students of Junior College who wish to join Medical Science Courses and Engineering Courses of Govt. of Maharashtra, the College runs an entrance examination preparation project for students with test series, guest lectures, computerized interactive multimedia CDs for Training students. For details contact : Mr.V.P.Ingale. For MPSC, UPSC Entrance Tests contact : Dr. Ganesh M. Khekale.